Friday, 23 December 2016

American Automotive Service Solutions - Extended Warranty Coverage: Do You Need It?

Some few years ago, if you were asked, the answer to this question would have been a resounding yes. Back then, it was no secret, cars, especially American made cars, were not in the least reliable. Making trips to dealership garages was like having your morning cup of coffee – it was that common. Today however, with the advancements in technology, cars have become all too reliable. No one will be in shock when they realize your car has 100,000 miles or more on it. With their increased reliability, more and more persons are lacking the sense of having an extended car warranty. But before you settle your mind on this, know that it is the wrong kind of thinking.

Here is why, reliability is a great thing. However, there can be a downside to it. The longer the car stays, the more prone it is going to be to breaking own needing repairs all so often. These repairs will cost you a fortune.

But whether or not you need to get extended car coverage will totally depend on the prevailing situations. With the crippling repair costs, you do not want to be caught on the wrong side of things. One covered plan will take care of a significant portion of the cost of the plan.

On the flip side of things, you should be aware that there are conditions in which getting a coverage will not make sense for you. Below is a simple guide that will help you make a decision of getting or not to get a warranty for our car. Every individual’s situation is unique and different.

Situations you should get a car warranty. This American Automotive Service Solutions gives some useful extended warranty guidance here.

When you purchase a vehicle that has been used and has a factory warranty that is expired. The factory warranty caters for repairs that prop up. However, if it is expired, it is useless.

If you buy a car and plan on using the car for a longer period than that which the factory 
coverage lasts. Getting an extended car warranty will be a wise decision since with age comes increased car problems that you will need handled.

If you plan on reselling your car, you should get an extended warranty. This will increase its resale value significantly.

Situations you do not need to have an extended warranty cover

In the event you plan to sell or trade in your car before the manufacturer’s car warranty expires

If you are leasing your car and have a manufacturer’s warranty still valid, it is illegal for a dealership to try and sell you a warranty plan.

If you will not exceed the limit on mileage set by the manufacturer’s coverage during the time the car is on lease.

All in all, having coverage for your car is a great idea. Whether it is the manufacturer’s coverage or an extended car warranty, the point is to have your car covered at all times.

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