Tuesday 16 May 2017

Many Drivers Opting To Update Their Older Cars

Some people are starting to notice there are more older cars on the road than ever before, but they may be packing high-tech gadgets underneath.

Many speculate that it has something to do with the economy while others think it is a nostalgic craze sweeping the nation, which can be noted in many television shows or even films.

No matter the reason, older vehicles are taking over the road, but many savvy drivers are changing things up. It is obvious that technology is driving society forward. Cars are now expected to have jacks for smart devices and be equipped with the latest technology for safety.

The problem is that many older vehicles simply do not have these gadgets in place. Well, a group of drivers are taking their cars in to expert shops across the nation to give their old 'beaters' a face-lift or tech-lift.
American Automotive Service Solutions
There are numerous gadgets being installed; some do it all at once while others take their time updating their vehicles. It is obvious that many modern vehicle owners are installing jacks for their smart devices, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

One technology that many people are installing is the rear-view camera. This camera allows the driver to back up with the help of a camera, which helps ensure that they are not backing up into anything. It makes it easier to park, and it also helps prevent accidents, which is great for people who are trying to save money.

Other drivers are installing emergency assistance, which helps detect accidents and alerts the proper agency so that the car owner is helped as quickly as possible. There is no telling when an accident could happen, and the driver may not always be conscious to make a call. It is easy to see why smart drivers are installing such systems in their vehicles.

Drivers are also installing sensors in their cars such as the blind spot detection sensor that helps the driver take notice of anything in his or her blind spot. Countless vehicular accidents happen because of blind spots, making this a necessary upgrade.

Others are using lane detection sensors that alert the driver when he or she is changing lanes without paying attention. This could be helpful in many different ways; for example, it could alert drivers who may have had a momentarily attention lapse or even dozed off while driving. Again, this is another upgrade that could save lives and simply make the highway a much safer place for everyone. 

Investing so much in an old car also means that drivers need to protect their cars. Regrettably, original car warranties only last a few years. Thankfully, there is a solution for these drivers, which are vehicle contracts or extended car warranties.

One of the most impressive options comes from American Automotive Service Solutions. The American Automotive Service Solutions Reviews show just how diligent this company is regarding their services.

Yes, these gadgets are making it possible for old car owners to drive safer with an upgraded car, but that does not change the fact that these cars are a little older.

Older cars could have many problems such as transmission issues or drive train problems. The good news is that the American Automotive Service Solutions offers specified coverage. They have many plans that cover things like the transmission or any other compartment that may go awry.

The combination of these updates with proper coverage should definitely give drivers peace of mind. It should be noted that American Automotive Service Solutions also offers additional services depending on the plan such as towing services or lockout services for drivers who might have forgotten their keys somewhere.

New cars are becoming smarter; there is no doubt about that, but old cars can be updated, too. All owners have to do is protect their investment with a good extended warranty that fits their needs.

Friday 23 December 2016

American Automotive Service Solutions - Extended Car Warranty Pros and Cons

More and more car consumers are having their cars for extended periods of time. A practice that was not observed before experts say. This is probably as a result of an increase in technology applied in the cars being designed. For this reason, extended car warranties are becoming more and more lucrative to many. Many companies have cropped up supplying original warranties for 10-year coverage or 100,000 miles covered. A few provide only 3 years of coverage or 36,000 miles of travel. Whichever plan you choose, the plan will to your benefit. But do not take our word for it. Let’s delve deeper into some pros and cons of extended car warranties.

American Automotive Service Solutions
Extended car warranties can be tailor made

Given the fact that the car warranties provided vary from company to company with regards to the time and the mileage covered, the additional services and products offered are more than they were in the past. For instance, if a car has a lengthier powertrain warranty than bumper to bumper warranty, the third-party company offering the extended car warranty may choose to extend the shorter warranty rather than the longer one. Another example is when come companies choose to provide roadside assistance for 24 hour for the new vehicles that do not have this coverage from their manufacturer coverage.

They cover costly technology and repairs

It is evident, and we love the fact that the current vehicles are complex than they were in the past. They are full of all sorts of technologies from computerized equipment to its wiring. They are all great and perfect until they fail. They are expensive to diagnose and isolate let alone repair the problem. And given their reliability, tech systems are one of the major reasons why extended car warranties are important. When you do get a warranty for your car, be sure that it covers the tech features in your car.

Warranties are expensive

Buying an extended car warranty is more like placing a bet. A bet that your car will at one point in tie require repairs that will surpass the cost of your warranty. The warranty provider is also placing a bet hoping that your car will never require repairs surpassing the cost of your insurance. Either one will win. You have to pray that the odds are in your favor. But given the rate at which car warranty companies are popping up, it would seem as though the odds are nowhere close to being in your favor.

They do not cover all repairs
With these kinds of contracts, it is all about the fine print. It is imperative that you read the fine print before you sign and commit to the contract. Understand what your warranty covers and what it does not cover. Ask the company to provide you with an exclusion list detailing all the parts, services and repairs that the warranty does not cover.
Weighing the pros and cons, and you decide to get an extended car warranty for your vehicle, pick American Automotive Services Solutions to work with for quality service(s).

American Automotive Service Solutions - Extended Warranty Coverage: Do You Need It?

Some few years ago, if you were asked, the answer to this question would have been a resounding yes. Back then, it was no secret, cars, especially American made cars, were not in the least reliable. Making trips to dealership garages was like having your morning cup of coffee – it was that common. Today however, with the advancements in technology, cars have become all too reliable. No one will be in shock when they realize your car has 100,000 miles or more on it. With their increased reliability, more and more persons are lacking the sense of having an extended car warranty. But before you settle your mind on this, know that it is the wrong kind of thinking.

Here is why, reliability is a great thing. However, there can be a downside to it. The longer the car stays, the more prone it is going to be to breaking own needing repairs all so often. These repairs will cost you a fortune.

But whether or not you need to get extended car coverage will totally depend on the prevailing situations. With the crippling repair costs, you do not want to be caught on the wrong side of things. One covered plan will take care of a significant portion of the cost of the plan.

On the flip side of things, you should be aware that there are conditions in which getting a coverage will not make sense for you. Below is a simple guide that will help you make a decision of getting or not to get a warranty for our car. Every individual’s situation is unique and different.

Situations you should get a car warranty. This American Automotive Service Solutions gives some useful extended warranty guidance here.

When you purchase a vehicle that has been used and has a factory warranty that is expired. The factory warranty caters for repairs that prop up. However, if it is expired, it is useless.

If you buy a car and plan on using the car for a longer period than that which the factory 
coverage lasts. Getting an extended car warranty will be a wise decision since with age comes increased car problems that you will need handled.

If you plan on reselling your car, you should get an extended warranty. This will increase its resale value significantly.

Situations you do not need to have an extended warranty cover

In the event you plan to sell or trade in your car before the manufacturer’s car warranty expires

If you are leasing your car and have a manufacturer’s warranty still valid, it is illegal for a dealership to try and sell you a warranty plan.

If you will not exceed the limit on mileage set by the manufacturer’s coverage during the time the car is on lease.

All in all, having coverage for your car is a great idea. Whether it is the manufacturer’s coverage or an extended car warranty, the point is to have your car covered at all times.

American Automotive Service Solutions - Advice for A Smooth Extended Car Warranty Claims Experience

If you have an extended car warranty claim, you are good to go, your repairs will be covered. Or will they? Many car owners get the shock of their lives when their claims are denied for issues that they could have avoided. To help you have a smooth run in making your claim, below are some items you should be aware of. Following the proper steps will help you avoid the hassle and devastation of being denied.

American Automotive Service Solutions
Always get approval before you get any repairs done on your car. There are some individuals who have in the past been denied compensation for failing to get authorization from the warranty company. Be one of the few who dodge the bullet by getting authorization it might take a whole day before you get the authorization, but it will most definitely save you the agony of rejection. Read this American Automotive Service Solutions Reviews online and get more information about extended car warranty claims.

If the company you choose would like to conduct an inspection on your car for any pre-existing conditions and damages, you should by all means, let them. This will work to your benefit. How? Well, they cannot in future claim any pre-existing condition and use it as the basis of denying your claim.

Many of the warranty companies require that you follow a specific set of rules or a guide with respect to your car maintenance. Change the engine oil every 6 months lest when your car breaks down you will be sent packing with nothing to cushion your finances. Not following the manufacturer’s guide is considered as neglect for which no warranty company will sympathize. 

Any damage that results from using the car after it has broken down is not covered. Case in point, if you continue driving your car after it overheats, and the engine breaks down, the resulting repairs shall not be covered. Do your math. Prefer towing your car to your destination which is way cheaper that losing out on a $2,000 repair for your engine.

If the car warranty company has to pull the car apart to diagnose the problem of your car and it turns out the problem is as a result of a part that is not covered by your warranty, you will be the one catering to the repair costs. And not just for the damaged part but all the damage done to that point.
Having imbalanced fluid levels and worn out gaskets can get your claim rejected. Make the replacements in a timely fashion and have the engine fluids to their proper levels at all times.
Generally, to have an easier time getting your claim from your extended car warranty, you should ensure that the breakdown is not as a result of your ignorance or neglect. The American Automotive Service Solutions will work to provide you with the relief you require. You should however do your due diligence and follow the guidelines set.

American Automotive Service Solutions – Extended Car Warranty: Myths and Misconceptions Demystified

Extended car warranties have been around for quite some time now. But despite their existence, many still do not have a clear understanding of how they work. As a matter of fact, there are some myths and misconceptions surrounding this industry. In this piece, we shall seek to lay bare and demystify all misconceptions that have led many (probably even you) astray.

‘With my manufacturer’s coverage, I do not need an extended car warranty plan’

You will be safe and protected until your coverage expires. When it expires, you will be exposed to all manner of repair costs both large and small. Without an extended car warranty to kick in, you will most assuredly wish you hadn’t gotten your car in the first place, especially if you are working on a tight budget.

It is paramount that you get the coverage when your car is still new. New cars fetch lower costs. It is the same logic as with life insurance. The more you procrastinate, the more you will spend in the end. So while your car is still young and in perfect condition, seek to have an extended plan. It just might include other benefits like lost key recovery, trip interruption, car rental and towing.
It is convenient for me to buy my warranty at the car dealership

Well, it might be convenient at the moment, especially if you will be making the purchase at a dealership. You should, however, not be in a hurry. You still can make the purchase later through websites that have been set up. This way you will have sufficient time to make comparisons and land the best warranty there is. Be sure to read the fine details, most often written in small print. Not reading these details might be detrimental when you need to make a claim.

The bank requires an extended warranty to approve your loan

Many individuals think that extended car warranties are a requirement for car loan qualification. Well, you will be glad to know that it is not. Loan approvals are independent of car warranties. You therefore car get your car on loan and still have time after to look for a warranty without any rush.
Do not fall prey of any of these myths. Be wise and make the right decision. Getting a car is an expensive endeavor, even when you are buying it on loan. You cannot afford to make mistakes. To be on the safe side, choose to work with American Automotive Service Solutions.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Huge Difference Between Lengthy Car Warranties and Extended Service Agreements

The two oftentimes become confused; nevertheless, technically speaking only manufacturers are able to provide warranties and simply they have the ability to extend it. The products and services supplied by American Automotive Service Solutions include lengthy service contracts. The contracts operate such as insurance to guard users against the price tag on covered repairs. An affordable premium will cover you against mend invoices and frustrations.

Car Warranties
Most individuals feel that they're synonymous, that those terms are interchangeably used by 3rd party warranty and service manufacturers and businesses. Since this may be the case in some companies, it's more often times not the instance.

The vital essentials of most extended warranty service plans include stretching the initial manufacturer's warranty which can be included within the price of the goods. The extended warranties mainly are designed for customers to possess protection and coverage against such typical factors as product defects which directly were the effect of a manufacturer; that includes materials and workmanship. An protracted warranty tends to be an excess fee away from the purchase price of something, also is made obtainable to a consumer or end user by specific retail stores, 3rd-party warranty administration businesses, or by manufacturers.

In conclusion, an extended warranty program is done, sold and then handled with the intent of covering costs of repairs and extend an alternative product if it's deemed that the original thing is damaged beyond exactly what it might cost to an affordable repair. Usually, extended warranty plans are not created to cover any potential secondary products which may include the main item. Generally, they don't really insure simple, routine maintenance, which could be contemplated usual wear and tear, unintentional damage, or any losses which may happen due to aforementioned issues. Most extended warranty plans can go into effect after the day of expiration recorded on the very first manufacturer s warranty.

Let's now have a look into extended service plans and special components of most things for which they often provide protection and coverage. The main essentials of why long service plans can be obtained, for the most part, includes supplying basic coverage to extra products and items which aren't usually insured or protected by an original manufacturer's warranty or extended warranty program. A couple of these factors were discussed about sooner and involve ordinary wear and tear, damage caused by water or additional fluids, and routine maintenance.

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Questions American Automotive Service Solutions suggests Asking before Saying Yes to an Extended Warranty

Most dealerships provide 3rd-party warranties from businesses that have varying track records. If you’re going to buy an extended warranty, be certain it’s backed by the carmaker, not only the dealership or some additional company. You may utilize a manufacturer backed extended warranty at all dealerships around the country. A 3rd-party warranty may be good just at the dealership which sold it to you.

Did you shop for the best price?

It is unlikely that a Finance and Insurance manager will allow you to shop around while you aresitting at his desk with a stack of purchase paperwork in between the two of you. The American Automotive Service Solutions research is better accomplished before your visit to the dealer on the day you finalize the purchase. If the vehicle purchase already is a financial handful, you also can shop for a better cost after the sale.

Do you have an idea what is covered?

Extended warranties are not the cure-all which some dealers make them out to be. Most wear-and-tear parts — things which eventually will wear out or break — aren’t covered by the majority of auto extended warranties.

Are you going to have a peace of mind if you do not purchase it?

The answer is up to you. If you are somebody who always will have a nagging feeling you should’ve purchased the warranty, go and get it. Occasionally there isn’t any price tag you’re able to place on peace of mind.

Did you look at the repair history?

Think about your own history with car breakdowns. Have your additional vehicles had the types of issues which might’ve been covered by a warranty? If you’re thinking about getting a road hazard tire warranty, for instance, consider how many times you have had a flat tire. If there’s lots of debris on the streets in your locality or if you have had many flat tires in a brief time span, a road hazard warranty might be worth checking out. However, if you cannot recall the last time you experienced a flat, you might not require the coverage.

As there isn’t any bad time to invest in an autoprotection plan, one ideal time to contact American Automotive Service Solutions regarding an extended service contract is just before the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It’ll allow us time to get you established with a new amount of coverage prior to anything going wrong with your car. Often, it’s seen as an extended auto warranty from the manufacturer, yet in fact, the majority of our plans will exceed the warranties offered by a manufacturer.

For more details on our extended service contracts contact American Automotive Service Solutions at 800-293-5048.