Friday, 23 December 2016

American Automotive Service Solutions - Advice for A Smooth Extended Car Warranty Claims Experience

If you have an extended car warranty claim, you are good to go, your repairs will be covered. Or will they? Many car owners get the shock of their lives when their claims are denied for issues that they could have avoided. To help you have a smooth run in making your claim, below are some items you should be aware of. Following the proper steps will help you avoid the hassle and devastation of being denied.

American Automotive Service Solutions
Always get approval before you get any repairs done on your car. There are some individuals who have in the past been denied compensation for failing to get authorization from the warranty company. Be one of the few who dodge the bullet by getting authorization it might take a whole day before you get the authorization, but it will most definitely save you the agony of rejection. Read this American Automotive Service Solutions Reviews online and get more information about extended car warranty claims.

If the company you choose would like to conduct an inspection on your car for any pre-existing conditions and damages, you should by all means, let them. This will work to your benefit. How? Well, they cannot in future claim any pre-existing condition and use it as the basis of denying your claim.

Many of the warranty companies require that you follow a specific set of rules or a guide with respect to your car maintenance. Change the engine oil every 6 months lest when your car breaks down you will be sent packing with nothing to cushion your finances. Not following the manufacturer’s guide is considered as neglect for which no warranty company will sympathize. 

Any damage that results from using the car after it has broken down is not covered. Case in point, if you continue driving your car after it overheats, and the engine breaks down, the resulting repairs shall not be covered. Do your math. Prefer towing your car to your destination which is way cheaper that losing out on a $2,000 repair for your engine.

If the car warranty company has to pull the car apart to diagnose the problem of your car and it turns out the problem is as a result of a part that is not covered by your warranty, you will be the one catering to the repair costs. And not just for the damaged part but all the damage done to that point.
Having imbalanced fluid levels and worn out gaskets can get your claim rejected. Make the replacements in a timely fashion and have the engine fluids to their proper levels at all times.
Generally, to have an easier time getting your claim from your extended car warranty, you should ensure that the breakdown is not as a result of your ignorance or neglect. The American Automotive Service Solutions will work to provide you with the relief you require. You should however do your due diligence and follow the guidelines set.

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